Sunday 1 September 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Memory of Flames 5: Dragon Queen - Stephen Deas

Release Date: 22/08/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


In the years before the Dragons laid waste to man's empire, the fearsome monsters were used for war and as gifts of surpassing wealth to buy favour in the constant political battles that tore at the kingdoms.

Notorious in these battles was the Dragon Queen. And now she is a prisoner. But no-one is more dangerous than when caged...

The critics, fellow authors and readers alike are agreed - if you love dragons and epic fantasy, Stephen Deas is the writer for you. The man who brought dragons back to their full glory, might and terror.

Dragon Queen is a companion volume to the Memory of Flames trilogy and to THE BLACK MAUSOLEUM.


If you love a book that has fantasy elements, political double dealing and proceeds to give manipulate the reader then you really have to read Stephen’s work. The story is dark, it has a cracking pace and when you add into this an author who knows how to manipulate not only the reader but also the characters to showcase both their strengths and their weaknesses all round makes this compulsive reading.

All round, whilst this is the latest outing in a series for me, the book doesn’t feel like it’s the fifth book in the Memory of Flames series it still feels fresh as well as giving the reader a real journey to think through upon completion. All round, Stephen has a great way to twist your perception as a reader and when you see the way that the dragons aren’t just secondary characters but have their own awakening gives you something to thoroughly enjoy. Great stuff.

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