Thursday, 12 September 2013

URBAN FANTASY SHORT STORY REVIEW: The Age of Godpunk - James Lovegrove

Release Date: 12/09/13
Publisher:  Solaris


THREE NOVELLAS IN ONE OMNIBUS VOLUME! James Lovegrove presents three novellas with three different gods and their appreance in the worlds of man. Age of Anansi: Dion Yeboah leads an orderly, disciplined life... until the day the spider appears. What looks like an ordinary arachnid turns out to be Anansi, the trickster god of African legend, and its arrival throws Dion s existence into chaos. Age of Satan: A politician ushers in a new age that promises enlightenment and tolerance... Age of Gaia: A billionaire businessmen is about to find out his future is very different from the plans he has laid.


A collection of short stories set in James’ Pantheon series that have previously been released as e-books. The stories are fun, bring James’ talent to the fore and really give the reader a set of stories that are a lot of fun to sit back with and enjoy, especially if you’re already a fan of his work.

As usual he gets to the meat of the story by giving the reader a solid principle character, some wonderful twists and of course a pace alongside arc that will entertain as you make your way through. All round a nice bit of fun, however be cautious as you may already own this collection individually.

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