Saturday, 7 September 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Orion 2: Tears of Isha - Darius Hinks

Release Date: 29/08/13
Publisher:  Black Library


Winter approaches, and Orion leads the wild hunt one last time before he returns to his slumber. But a dark power is rising in the groves of Athel Loren, corrupting beasts and elves alike. As Orion's servants hunt for a new host for the forest king's spirit, the daemon Alkhor's plan comes to fruition, threatening not only the wood elves but the forest realm itself.


OK, I’m still not a huge fan of this series surrounding the Warhammer Elves however I keep reading as I love the way that the author writes. Its fresh, it has great prose and when you throw into it the intrigue alongside action it works on a lot of levels. Yet for me, I just don’t like the characters, it’s not the author at fault here, everything else has been done right, I just can’t form an attachment to them so much so that I really don’t care about their fates.

All round, there will be quite a lot of readers who will love this novel but for me, it’s a middle of the road title that whilst not the worst there is to offer, is certainly not the best in my opinion. (I suppose it must be my Stunty affinity in action here. LOL)

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