Wednesday, 4 September 2013

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Alex Verus 4: Chosen - Benedict Jacka

Release Date: 05/09/13
Publisher:  Orbit


Life is quiet for Alex Verus. Amazing. With a flat full of friends (and the occasional fish), and business booming, why not enjoy the humdrum here and now? But of course that's too good to be true. In a sudden and cruel pincer movement of fate, Alex finds himself fighting a sinister and powerful gang as well as his own demons - for the same crime. Held hostage by the choices of his past, Alex's future is now in jeopardy ...


This is a series that’s grown on me since its original book. Why? Well the lead character is a very strange mix of the weird as he’s not only a diviner with a past but also a character who seeks to make sense of the world he’s in as well as trying to survive the troubles that keep cropping up on his doorstep.

Here in this title is a story that takes full advantage of this, it delves into the characters dark past, has wonderful prose and of course has a pace that in itself is almost magical. Throw in some solid action sequences and all round you’ll be more than happy you did.

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