Friday, 13 December 2013

ALTERNATE SCIENCE FICTION: The Never War 1: The Suicide Exhibition - Justin Richards

Release Date: 07/11/13
Publisher:  Del Rey


Wewelsburg castle, 1940. The German war machine has woken an ancient threat - the alien Vril and their Ubermensch have returned. Ultimate Victory in the war for Europe is now within the Nazis' grasp. England, 1941. Foreign Office trouble shooter Guy Pentecross has stumbled into a conspiracy beyond his imagining - a secret war being waged in the shadows against a terrible enemy. The battle for Europe has just become the war for humanity. This is The Thirty-Nine Steps crossed with Indiana Jones and Quatermass. Justin Richards has an extremely credible grasp of the period's history and has transformed it into a groundbreaking alternate reality thriller


The first book in a stunning series and one that will take Sci-Fi Alternate World readers to a new level with a cracking conspiracy title that brings a whole host of twists together. Its well written, the characters within easily allow the reader to adjust to the setting and when added to some great storytelling alongside solid prose all round makes this a book that was a joy to read.

Back this up with a solid supporting cast alongside a top notch principle player and all round I was a more than happy reader. I really can’t wait to see what Justin is planning on doing with this world but at the moment the only thing I can guarantee is that if it carries on as well as this initial set up, he’s going to be an author talked about for quite some time. Great stuff.

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