Saturday, 21 December 2013

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: A Foot in the Grave and Other Ghost Stories - Joan Aiken and Jan Pienkowski

Release Date: 03/10/13
Publisher:  Jonathan Cape


When Jan Pienkowski began a haunting series of paintings and asked Joan Aiken to compose accompanying ghostly stories, the result was bound to be an exceptional book. Here are tales of ghostly revenge, tales to scare and amuse, peopled with malevolent spirits and mysterious heroes. Haunting happenings and peculiar twists shape these stories; the unexplained and unearthly goings-on add up to an extraordinary and eerie experience.


I love ghost stories and whilst you tend to find a fair few in the adult category, it’s a wonderful change to get some Young Adult tales. Why? Well they have to rely on pure storytelling without any swearing and as such they really do grip you with not only the descriptive but the wonderful way in which the prose just trips off the page.

Here within this title is a whole set of short stories and what makes them wonderful is the fact that they’re short enough to split into an evening’s reading, especially as the dark nights close in to give yourself a wonderful chill to fight against the warmth from the duvet. All round a cracking book and one that I was pleased I took the time to read.

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