Monday, 16 December 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant 4: The Last Dark - Stephen Donaldson

Release Date: 17/10/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


The bestselling fantasy series from one of the biggest names in the genre comes to an unforgettable conclusion. This is the final volume of the epic Chronicles of Thomas Covenant - one of the keynote works of modern fantasy. Compelled step by step to actions whose consequences they could neither see nor prevent, Thomas Covenant and Linden Avery have fought for what they love in the magical reality known only as 'The Land'. Now they face their final crisis. Reunited after their separate struggles, they discover in each other their true power - and yet they cannot imagine how to stop the Worm of the World's End from unmaking Time. Nevertheless they must resist the ruin of all things, giving their last strength in the service of the world's continuance.


The final tale in the epic Thomas Covenant series and one that has taken quite a few years (three decades worth) to finally reach the end. So what do you get?

What unfurls within is a story that really reaches the pinnacle of what has gone before, weaving the previous titles into one continuous thread which when taken into context and woven with wonderful prose and dialogue all round generates something pretty special. Its been a long road and whilst many may have doubted why so many were needed, it’s something that really has shown how Stephen has grown not only as a writer but a plotter for the epic world.

Back this up with some magical writing, some cracking twists and all round I was more than a happy reader. Alas Thomas, sad to see you go but what a way to leave.

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