Monday, 10 November 2014

FACTUAL HORROR REVIEW: First Scream to the Last - Adrian Roe

Release Date: 06/08/14


First Scream to the Last offers an intriguing insight into the horror movies of the Eighties. Extremely comprehensive without being bloated, this essential companion is supported with various interviews from filmmakers and writers of the time, amongst others. An often misunderstood and under appreciated genre, the '80s was arguably its golden era. With the creation of iconic characters and visual images never seen before on film, it remains a special time for anyone involved and the avid horror enthusiast alike. From giallo to slasher, First Scream covers the highest (and not so high) moments of this genre, leaving no question unanswered. Objective, Unbiased, Independent, Informative.


As a child of the 80’s I was raised on horror films, or rather to be more particular the sub-genre entitled Video Nasties (some of which were hunted for by Greater Manchester Police) by my Dad who Mum said was “too scared to watch them on his own.”

As such these felt like bonding time between us and as I watched the zombies munch their way through a small town, or monsters butching their way through the teenage population it was something that we shared.

So as a huge fan of a lot of these films, I was always surprised that no one tackled a book on the subject, that was until now. Here in Adrians novel, is a set of not only amazing horror movie facts but also interesting information such as the budget of the film vs the gross. Full of fun and with reminders of films that I had so much pleasure watching, this title took me back to my childhood and of course in the modern age of DVD’s has given me a great playlist to pick up for the Holiday period. Add to this interviews with some of the stars as well as one with Horror Master Wes Craven, all fans of the genre will have a treat in store. A very well written book, hope to see more by this author

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