Monday, 4 April 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne: The Last Mortal Bond - Brian Staveley

Release Date: 24/03/16
Publisher:  Tor



The Annurian Empire is losing a war on two fronts - and it's unclear who is in command. Adare is stationed in the thick of battle and now calls herself Emperor. However, she can't hold back the nomadic Urgul forces for much longer. She needs her brilliant general, Ran il Tornja, but will he betray her again?

Her brother Kaden is the true heir, yet he'll accept a Republic to save his divided people. And he faces something even more terrible than war. He's unmasked Ran il Tornja as a remnant of an ancient race who attempted to destroy mankind. The general plans to finish what they started, and is amassing all the power he needs.

The empire calls on the Kettral, its toughest soldiers, but their order has been decimated. Its last fighters are in disarray, but could they still turn the tide of war? Most disturbingly of all, capricious gods walk the earth in human guise. And their desires could seal the fate of a world.


The third and final book in Brian’s Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne that not only goes out with a bang but pretty much leaves this title as perhaps the best final fantasy tale in a series for the year and one that will have not only readers but other authors grabbing for tissues’ at the way in which he brings it together alongside playing for keeps with those whose lives his story telling has fitted around.

Its hard hitting, has great prose and when blended with characters that you’ve come to love over the series has readers fearing for “friends” survival as each page is turned. Back this up with dialogue that won’t let go from the readers imagination will have this book leaving many sitting up into the early morning as the one more chapter wars against don’t let this be XXXXX’s end.

All round a great book and a series I really can’t recommend to fantasy readers enough. Cracking.

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