Thursday, 14 April 2016

HISTORICAL CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Flavia Albia 4: The Graveyard of the Hesperides - Lindsey Davis

Release Date: 14/04/16
Publisher:  Hodder


From renowned author Lindsey Davis, creator of the much-loved character, Marcus Didius Falco and his friends and family, comes the fourth novel in her all-new series set in ancient Rome.

We first met Flavia Albia, Falco's feisty adopted daughter, in The Ides of April. Albia is a remarkable woman in what is very much a man's world: young, widowed and fiercely independent, she lives alone on the Aventine Hill in Rome and makes a good living as a hired investigator. An outsider in more ways than one, Albia has unique insight into life in ancient Rome, and she puts it to good use going places no man could go, and asking questions no man could ask.


Having been disappointed with the previous title in the Flavia Albia series (Deadly Election), I hoped that this one would get back to the dangerous elements where Albia’s success or failure would affect how she survived in the Roman Empire. Thankfully this one did what I wanted and as usual I was treated to a tale that had murder, intrigue and the double edged sword of truthfulness facing off against the machinations of those concerned.

All round, it’s a story that will fulfil what you want as a reader. Solid crime deduction, interesting cast members and above all else a principle character whose personal choices often put her at odds with those she works for. Cracking.

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