Tuesday, 12 April 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: The Stealers War - Stephen Hunt

Release Date: 17/03/16
Publisher:  Gollancz


Weyland has been at war. Invaded by a technologically advanced enemy, the cities sacked, and what fragile peace remained torn apart by a civil war.

All anyone should want is a return to peace.

But Jacob Carneham still wants his revenge; and if he can lure the invaders into the mountain he can have it. He can kill them all.

If he does, there may never be peace again.

If he doesn't, Weyland will never be free of the threat of invasion.

The northern horse lords are planning an attack. A future Empress is fighting to save her daughter. Jacob's son is trying to restore peace and stability to Weyland, alongside the rightful King. And behind it all is a greater struggle, which may spell the end for them all . .


If you want an author that brings you solid storylines, cracking dialogue and old fashioned type of heroism to the fore, then Stephen Hunt is an author that you’ll want to spend quite a bit of time with. Noticing Stephen way back when he won the WH Smiths writing competition I’ve loved his ability to weave believable characters into all his work. They live and breath and are people you care about.

And such is the case in this his latest title. As with his other works, it has solid prose, great sense of pace and when blended with dialogue that trips off the page as well as wonderfully working in world-building that transports you right to the centre of the story all round gives you a book that’s hard to put down. Magic.

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