Wednesday, 20 October 2010

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Out of the Woods but not Over the HIll - Gervase Phinn

Release Date: 14/10/10


For Gervase Phinn growing old is not about a leisurely walk to the pub for a game of dominoes or snoozing in his favourite armchair. As this sparkling collection of his very best humorous writing shows, he may be 'out of the woods' but he is certainly not 'over the hill'.Looking back over more than sixty years of family life, teaching, inspecting schools, writing and public speaking, Gervase never fails to unearth humour, character, warmth and wisdom from the most diverse of experiences, whether they be growing up in Rotherham with the most un-Yorkshirelike of names or describing why loud mobile phone users get his goat.Brimming with nostalgia, gently mocking life's absurdities, never shy of an opinion, this is Gervase Phinn at his wittiest, twinkly-eyed best.


If you want witty observation that looks back from the everyman’s point of view, then you really have to read Gervase Phinn’s books. Told from an Ex-Teacher, School Inspector and public speakers memories, the general observations really do hit the mark with you so much so that you’ll find yourself chuckling along on his journey.

It’s definitely something unique and whilst we’re not talking comedian humour here we are talking about a title that will make you laugh. There is definitely something for everyone within this title with excerpts that everyone of a certain age will identify as well as appreciate. All in a fun novel and one that the odd wedding speech may borrow from with ease.

Finally, if you get the chance to meet Gervase at a signing or a talk, take the opportunity, it’s a wonderful night out, you’ll laugh and a great night out will have been had. If you’re worried, take a friend, they’ll find it as funny as you and soon be a fan of the author. A man who can truly talk the birds from the trees.

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