Friday, 8 October 2010

CRIME REVIEW: Scream - Nigel McCrery

Release Date: 07/10/10


As people disappear from his streets, and a handful of battered and broken bodies are discovered on his patch, Lapslie has no idea that he's up against a man who feels sound like he can taste it. He hunts people down. Men, women, anyone with a voice. He makes them hurt, he makes them bleed, he makes them scream. If the sound is ugly, he dispatches them without thought, but if it makes him feel good inside, he keeps them in his basement. Torturing them slowly, listening for that awful, wonderful sound. And sooner or later he'll have enough to make them sing his favourite things.


This is my first outing with Nigel so I really didn’t know what to expect. Obviously with the author having worked for the Nottinghamshire Police Force I expected solid police work, great deductive reasoning alongside the characters developing a solidly built case.

So what did I get? Well, for one, you get a seriously scary villain, a really frightening set of tortures and a solidly built arc that will fascinate the reader.

Back that up with great characterisation, descent dialogue alongside cleverly designed devices and prose which will leave the reader satisfied with a Brit Flick Crime novel that will take some time to beat.


Pat Hollett said...

As usual, a good review of what looks like an enticing read. Thanks for sharing Gareth! :)

Angela Addams said...

Sounds very interesting!