Saturday, 30 October 2010

HUMOUR: Grave Humor - Editors of Family Tree Magazine

Release Date: 28/09/10


Who says death is a serious subject? Grave Humor celebrates the lighter side of death through photos capturing the most amusing and ironic monuments to the dearly departed. From amusing epitaphs ('I told you I was sick') to comical burials (the Maxwell-House plot), this irreverent anthology of cemetery humour proves you can laugh to death. It features: photos of more than 100 funny, ironic and ridiculous tombstones; colour illustrations and clever captions; and, DIY epitaphs for anyone who wants to go out with a laugh.


Theres only two things certain in life, death and taxes. Well taxes really aren’t funny and to be honest with funerals being a sad affair a lot of people like to give friends and family a last laugh to remember them by which is looked at in this title.

There’s grave stone humour that will appeal to a lot of people and whilst some may see it as sacrilegious to do so, I personally love titles like this as believe that many people utilise the line of leave them laughing to the maximum. Definitely a fun quirky offering and one that is in the holiday spirit, Halloween.


Angela Addams said...

This is totally for me!!!! I've got to get a copy!

Michelle M said...

I'm one of the odd ones that would find this amusing. I took a few photos in Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Ga. One had a very long plot and a name on the headstone of Train.