Monday, 4 October 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Gotrek and Felix 12: Zombie Slayer - Nathan Long

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Pursued by the dark forces of the necromancer Heinrich Kemmler, Gotrek and Felix arrive at Castle Reikgard, where they must hold out against the zombie hordes.The brutality of the siege is unremitting as wave after wave of horrific creatures, led by the undead champion Krell, attempt to take the walls. With supplies running low and morale sinking, the defenders begin to hear terriblewhispers and endure awful nightmares. Suspicion and paranoia run rampant within the castle walls, and the defence seems impossible. Somehow Gotrek and Felix must unite the forces of the Empire against Kemmler’s ever-growing legion until help arrives, or will the Slayer find his doom amidst the unrelenting undead?


With the previous title leaving Gotrek and Felix on a cliffhanger, fans of this long established series have been not only chomping at the bit to get their hands on this new outing, but also, if rumours are to be believed, sent nasty groin chewing Snotling’s in the post to Nathan. Of all the titles in the series, this one, has perhaps, set the reader up for the highest expectations and whilst it is, in my opinion, the best, I see a lot of David Gemmell’s Legend within. It’s well written, the characters really pull together and whilst theres underlying themes within, it ties up pretty nicely by the tales end. A great offering from Nathan and one that I think will have Kemmler chasing the duo down in future adventures.

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