Tuesday, 11 October 2011

BIOGRAPHY: Stieg Larsson, My Friend - Kurdo Bakshi

Release Date: 30/09/11


Five years after his death, Stieg Larsson is best known as the author of the Millennium Trilogy, but during his career as a journalist he was a crucial protagonist in the battle against racism and for democracy in Sweden, and one of the founders of the anti-facist magazine Expo. Kurdo Baksi first met Larsson in 1992; it was the beginning of an intense friendship, and a fruitful but challenging working relationship.

In this candid and rounded memoir, Baksi answers the questions a multitude of Larsson's fans have already asked, about his upbringing; the recurring death threats; his insomnia and his vices; his feminism - so evident in his books - and his dogmatism. What was he like as a colleague? Who provided the inspiration for his now-immortal characters (Baksi is one of the few who appears in the trilogy as himself)? Who was Lisbeth Salander?


This book is not so much a biography but a tribute to a best friend from one of the people who knew him best. It’s rounded, it allows the reader to see the personal side to one of the best known Scandinavian authors and also allows the reader the chance to get to know him after he passed. In addition to this, this title takes the reader on this journey of discovery, of spiritual cleansing and of course from the start of Steig’s life to the end.

All in, whilst not for everyone, this book is a loving and personal tribute from Kurdo and all in helps keep an author’s memory alive for all which is perhaps the best tribute to anyone.

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