Thursday, 13 October 2011


Release Date: 13/10/11


Arriving in the Scottish highlands, Martin and Sue decide to escape their luxury hotel, heading out for a night of back-to-basics living in an abandoned shack. When a storm strikes, they find themselves stranded in the simple hut, miles from anywhere and completely isolated. As gentle bickering leads to violent arguments, Sue starts to sense they are not truly alone - especially when a deep, dark presence seems to takes hold of the pair. With no way to escape, Sue and Martin must try to hold on to their sanity as the shelter quickly becomes a prison - and their thoughts begin to turn murderous...


If you like a story that has plenty of scare with some clever twists that has a chill that settles upon your spine, then this book by Niki Valentine could well be the book for you. Set in the Scottish Highlands in a hut where the story takes place in one room with just two characters, it’s a story that is not only well written but one that proves you don’t need a huge cast or a complex plot line to enthral a reader, just a good idea, a few twists and a surprise ending.

All in, its more than satisfactory however my only real gripe is that I’d call it more a mystery suspense than a horror story, it does a great job of entertaining and whilst some of the lulls feel quite laborious the majority of the tale really does keep you hooked. Great stuff and a book that I more than enjoyed.

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Angela Addams said...

This sounds so awesome...I love exploring genres outside of what I'm used to!!