Thursday, 27 October 2011

CUISINE REVIEW: The Hairy Bikers: Perfect Pies - Si King and Dave Myers

Release Date: 27/10/11


This is the definitive Pie Bible from the Kings of Pie, The Hairy Bikers. In their culinary homecoming, Si and Dave celebrate a dish close to their hearts. This beautifully illustrated cookbook brings together the Great British classic in 150 brand-new recipes. Featuring an extraordinary range of pies - from the sweet and savoury, deep and small, and to the pies that are puddings - The Hairy Bikers will inspire you to coo and share the mighty dish with the ones you love. With top tips on pastry, the failsafe methods, the secrets and the cheats, the boys will teach you how to choose the right type of pastry and filling for any occasion. Learn the rules of pastry making and how to add the right pickles, relishes and sauces to make your pie an unforgettable dish. And of course, how to make the most of those little left over bits and turn them into delicious cheese straws, jam tarts and turnovers. This is a heart-warming, delicious and nostalgic recipe book that can be enjoyed by families, friends and fans of the nation's favourite dish.


Food for me is a celebration of life, after all if you can’t have something delicious to delight not only your taste buds but enhance the experience of having a sit down with friends and family there’s no soul within you. Every meal is enhanced with great company, good characters and a star for the table so it’s a great loss when a lot of what I would term staple foods is overlooked by a great many people.

You may sneer at the humble steak and kidney pudding or call a Beef Wellington too 1970’s but these things have been firm family favourites and remembered for generations because of the great taste and experience of sharing at a family table. Add to this firm classic’s such as a homemade Cheese and Onion Pasty or an unctuous Lemon Meringue pie and you can guarantee that your mouth is already salivating.

This latest book from the Hairy Bikers is a feast of celebration and whilst a lot of the recipes may be seen as humble simple food, it’s the taste and the comforts of these that many will love to recreate with their easy to follow as well as carefully constructed recipes. But when you add some wonderful additions to accompany them like a cauliflower cheese or green beans with chilli butter or even glazed carrots, you can feel the love working its way into your heart. Finally add to the mix recipes for great accompaniments such as fool proof custard and great gravy or even the basics on making your own pastry alongside what to do with leftovers and it’s a title that will appeal, charm and also enthral all who spend some time with it. Absolutely cracking and if you’re reading this, Hairy’s your more than welcome to come round and cook some of these for me.


J D Waye said...

You're killing me with the pie cookbooks LOL! Gotta have it. Thanks for taste-testing for me.

Anne Michaud said...

OMRS, that's one of the best food book cover I've ever seen. Thanks, Gareth:)