Saturday, 22 October 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Malory's Knights of Albion 2: The Savage Knight - Paul Lewis

Release Date: 15/09/11


The Untold Adventures of the Round Table.... Sir Dodinal the Savage is more at home in the wild forest than in the tilting yard or the banquet hall. Keenly attuned to the natural world, but burdened with a terrible rage, he turns his back on Camelot to find peace, or a just death. In a quiet village on the Welsh border, Dodinal believes he may have finally found a home, but the village is struck by childstealing raiders from the hills, and he must take up arms once again in his new friends' aid. His quest will take him into the belly of darkness, as the terrible secret hidden in the hills comes to light...


If you love a story of daring do, of knights, damsel’s and of peril, then this is the book for you as Paul Lewis brings the second book in the Malory series to the readers. As with the original, by Steven Saville, it brings the Arthurian titles bang up to date and gives the reader what they want with bloody combat, solid plot line and of course peril as well as honour.

Add to this some clever twists that bring the original stories back to the reader as well as references to help embed this firmly and it was a wonderful read. Finally add a solid storytelling voice to the tale alongside great prose and it was a cracking title that was hard to put down. Magic.

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