Sunday, 1 January 2012

CRIME REVIEW: Good Bait - John Harvey

Release Date: 05/01/12


The compelling new novel from the Cartier Diamond Dagger winner and "Sunday Times "bestseller.
When a 17-year-old Moldovan boy is found dead on Hampstead Heath, the case falls to DCI Karen Shields and her overstretched Homicide & Serious Crime Unit. Karen knows she needs a result. What she doesn't know is that her new case is tied inextricably to a much larger web of gang warfare and organised crime which infiltrates almost every aspect of London society.
Several hundred miles away in Cornwall, DI Trevor Cordon is stirred from his day-to-day duties by another tragic London fatality. Travelling to the capital, determined to establish the cause of death and trace the deceased's daughter -- an old acquaintance from Newlyn -- Cordon becomes entangled in a complicated situation of his own. A situation much closer to Karen's case than either of them will ever know.
Brilliantly plotted and filled with rich, subtle characters, John Harvey's latest novel reveals him once again as a masterful writer with his finger firmly on the pulse of twenty-first century crime.


I loved John’s Darker Shade of Blue so when this book arrived I really couldn’t wait to start it, it has a gripping writing style that is not only unique but something that a lot of other authors could learn from as for me he really does seem to get better and better with each passing title. Add to this cracking prose, a wonderfully twisted novel and a few sleight of hand tricks that will help keep you guessing and as a reader I was more than sated by the stories conclusion.

If you love a good crime title written by an author in the know about police procedures as well as a writer who can twist the readers emotions to his own will then you really have to read Harvey. All in this was cracking good fun and a great way to start the New Year.


Anonymous said...

sci fi stuff i'm not into, but this, this i can sink into. :)
I have a love/hate with your blog, I love it cause your reviews are so great, I hate it cause my tbr pile grows everytime I stop by. *sighs, grabs pen* :P

Angela Addams said...

I agree with Tammy...this sounds like something a little different than I'm used to. I don't have time to read but my pile keeps growing thanks to you ;-)