Thursday, 26 January 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Sea Haven Series 2: Sisters of the Heart 2: Spirit Bound - Christine Feehan

Release Date: 26/01/12


Six women of varying age meet in special grief counselling group composed of victims of violent crimes. Each has suffered unbelievable loss. Working through their grief, they learn to love one another and trust only each other. Pooling their resources, they purchase a large farming community. Each has their own home and five acres, sharing the rest of the farm. Though not related by blood, they form a loving family, calling themselves sisters of the heart. These stories are of the sisters and the men who dare to love them.


Christine is a writer that is not only prolific but also an author that gives the reader what they want, a story with a huge plot, a tale of magic, and of course a tale of passion to last the ages as we return to Sea Haven in the second novel of the second series.

It has solid characters, great prose and of course all the elements that have kept Christine at the top of most readers TBR piles. That said, as a fan, I did feel a little disappointed with this title as for me, it spent way too much time on the emotional feelings rather than getting to the heart of the matter, almost as if it were used as padding to make the story full length. Don’t get me wrong, it is well written, it will fulfil the brief but when you’re reading a tale and keep thinking about how much you could have slashed, it’s a sign that perhaps the title needs a rework and perhaps would have been better as a novella.


Angela Addams said...

I totally need to read this author --she has been recommended to me by several people who know what I like.

Pat Hollett said...

I've heard her name a few times and wondered about her writing. So glad you did a review. Thanks for the info Gareth. :)