Tuesday, 3 January 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40K: The Word Bearer Omnibus - Anthony Reynolds

Release Date: 02/01/12


The Word Bearers are among the most feared and reviled of all Chaos Space Marines. Fierce warriors with a fanatical religious zeal, they blaze across the galaxy in the service of their dark gods. Worlds will burn, and entire civilisations will fall before the fury of the XVIIth Legion.

This omnibus is the definitive collection of Anthony Reynold’s popular Word Bearers series, following the cruel exploits and machinations of First Acolyte Marduk and the 34th Host. Gathered together for the first time, the novels Dark Apostle, Dark Disciple and Dark Creed are concluded with the all-new short story Torment.


The compendium of the Word Bearer series by Anthony Reynolds who takes the reader to the dark side as we follow the exploits of First Acolyte Marduk within the three tales Dark Aposttle, Dark Disciple and Dark Creed. It has a top notch plot line, cracking prose and above all else a character that’s unpredictable as he schemes, fights and double deals his way to his goals.

It’s a cracking read, has lots of wonderful moments and of course, as a compendium its sheer value for money almost worthy of the rank of Word Bearer itself. Top notch entertainment.

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