Thursday, 27 June 2013

CUISINE REVIEW: Sushi at Home: The Beginner's Guide to Perfect, Simple Sushi - Yuki Gomi

Release Date: 27/06/13


Yuki Gomi's Sushi at Home is a beautifully designed cookbook that will show, for the first time, how easy it is to make sushi at home. Do you love buying sushi for lunch, enjoy eating at Japanese restaurants for dinner, but think sushi is too difficult to make at home? Well, think again! In Sushi at Home, Japanese chef and sushi teacher Yuki Gomi shows you just how easy - and inexpensive - making delicious and beautiful looking sushi can be. Learn: everything you need to know about how to buy and prepare fish, from salmon to scallops, from tuna to mackerel; the joys of cling film and the technique of rolling step-by-step and why a hairdryer is essential for making the all-important perfect sushi rice; clever alternatives to traditional sushi styles (handball sushi; vegetarian sushi; soba sushi); and, fresh twists on classic recipes (miso soup with clams; prawn salad with tahini mustard dressing). Sushi at Home is all you need to master the art of making light, delicious and healthy sushi in your own kitchen. Yuki Gomi is a Japanese chef who has taught thousands of people how to make their own sushi. After studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago, she trained under a master noodle chef, before moving to London and beginning to teach Japanese home cooking classes. Sushi at Home is her first book.


I’m the type of person that loves to learn about different cuisines, sometimes I really want to spice things up so I go for Mexican or a good Indian and other times I want something that whilst healthy is very tasty, so I was quite pleased to pick up a book that explained quite a bit about Sushi so that I can make myself something that I just love to devour.

Whilst a lot of the techniques within all come with practice, for the uniniated who are only used to seeing the snack packs of sushi in the mainstream supermarkets, this book will open their eyes to a whole world of possibilities. It has great flavour combinations, a whole range of things you can make (including some vegetarian ones) and all round goes to show that you can make something not only beautiful when presented but something that you just can’t wait to devour.

For me, sushi is a treat that can be eaten at any time and whilst this may seem like a strange thing, I did actually make a load up earlier in the day and saved a few for my film night. It was great just to have a plate of this wonderful meal in front of me to dip into when the mood took me. Great idea all round and definitely something I’m going to take the time to master.

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