Sunday, 9 June 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Elves: Beyond the MIsts of Katura - James Barclay

Release Date: 16/05/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


Thousands of years ago the elves were enslaved by the Wytch Lords. Murdered in their thousands, worked to death in slave gangs and divided against themselves, the wounds inflicted by man run deep - and elves have very long memories. Two of them - Auum and Takaar - led the rise against their enslavers, and united their people against men in order to free their nation. Now Calaius is at peace...but that doesn't mean their nation is safe. Men need their help. The Wytch Lords have rallied, men's magic has grown more powerful, and their politics have become altogether more dangerous. Especially now: one of the mages has created a spell, called Dawnthief, which has the potential to destroy all living things on the planet. All four magical colleges are fighting to seize it and, in the background, the Wytch Lords have schemes of their own. Schemes which involve crushing the elven nation for good. Whoever seizes the spell, it places the elves in tremendous danger. But can Auum and Takaar overcome their differences and work together to save Calaius? And even if they can, is it not already too late...?


As a huge fan of James it’s always a treat when his latest book lands. After all, I get some serious combat beautifully drawn out and a pace that leaves you grasping for breath from start to finish. What James does within this book is give the reader a story that is gripping and also something that will present itself with your mind almost as if the author created a cinematic masterpiece.

Add to this top notch prose, some wonderful turns of phrase and the usual Barclay dialogue magic that all round keep the reader entertained as they explore the events within that could change the world for good or ill. Magical.

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