Friday, 7 June 2013

URBAN FANTASY CRIME REVIEW: Path of Needles - Alison Littlewood

Release Date: 09/05/13
Publisher:  Jo Fletcher Books


Some fairy tales are born of dreams...and some are born of nightmares. A murderer is on the loose, but the gruesome way in which the bodies are being posed has the police at a loss. Until, on a hunch, Alice Hyland, an expert in fairy tales is called in. And it is Alice who finds the connection between the body of Chrissie Farrell and an obscure Italian version of Snow White. Then, when a second body is found, Alice is dragged further into the investigation - until she herself becomes a suspect. Now Alice must fight, not just to prove her innocence, but to protect herself: because it's looking like she might well be next.


I love a book that not only gives me something special but also takes me on an unexpected journey in so many ways. This title by Alison not only gives the reader a crime story but also gives the reader that wonderful Urban Fantasy twist so that you’re never sure what you’re going to get.

The book is well written, has some great prose and when added to the stunning lead character that readers will just love to spend time with and all round you’re in for a treat. Back this up with an author who clearly loves giving the reader something magical to devour between the sheets and all round that Jo Fletcher magic is clearly still working. Great stuff.

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