Tuesday, 4 June 2013

VICTORIAN CRIME REVIEW: The Bedlam Detective - Stephen Gallagher

Release Date: 30/05/13
Publisher:  Ebury Press


Sir Owain Lancaster is either a madman or a monster...And Sebastian Becker's role in Bedlam as special investigator for the Master of Lunacy is to determine which is true. Sir Owain's sanity has been in question ever since a disastrous Amazonian adventure killed his family and colleagues. However, when two local children are found brutally slain, Lancaster claims that the same dark forces that devastated his expedition have followed him home...


If you love a crime novel that is set in Victorian times that delves into the mind of not only the criminal but the insane then you really have to try this novel by Stephen Gallagher. The mystery works wonderfully, the principle character is not only one that is delightfully complex but has a more than intruging history and when added to a top notch prose, great pace all round makes this something wonderful.

Finally throw into the mix a wonderful sense of history, an authenticity that really gives the reader the feeling of treading the streets along with the characters alongside a great supporting cast all round makes this something wonderful. Great.

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