Thursday, 25 October 2012

ART BOOK REVIEW: The Emperor's Might - Ed. John Blanche

Release Date: 25/10/12


Forged by forgotten science and driven by their eternal duty, the superhuman Space Marines are mankind’s foremost defence against a dark and brooding universe. Honed by years of the most rigorous training and equipped with the finest weapons and armour, the Adeptus Astartes hold back the darkness, protecting the Imperium from the alien, the witch and the traitor. Packed with previously unseen illustrations as well as a host of classic images chosen by Games Workshop’s Art Director John Blanche, this full-colour artbook provides an unrivalled look at the fighting forces of the Imperium.


I was lucky enough to meet John on a tour of the Games Workshop facility a number of years ago, noticing the friendliness for all members of the company and in particular an adapted giant with las cannon on his desk. For me, it went to show that this was a guy with not only a sense of humour but one who knew the worlds of the Black Library Universe so well that he could adapt from one to another with ease.

So perhaps when compiling a whole host of artwork for the 40K Universe there would be none better than this proverbial art giant to bring it all to the fans with some classic images that help define the worlds alongside some newer pieces that really help bring new elements to life.

Its cleverly edited, the pieces each stand out on their own and when looked at collectively I don’t have a clue as to how he managed to decide what would make it in as its crammed to the rafters. Back that up with heroes of all chapters making appearances alongside some beautiful pencil sketches alongside the colour and it’s a book you’ll go back to time and again for inspiration. Cracking.

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