Friday, 5 October 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Vampire Circus - Mark Morris

Release Date: 04/10/12


'Your children will die. Your community will die. To give me back my life.' The small rural community of Shettle has fallen into a decline. It is rife with crime and its inhabitants plagued by ill-fortune. When the Circus of Nights arrives the people are drawn to it like moths to a flame: it's as though they are bewitched. Only four men realise that there is something terribly wrong. And as the town is enclosed in a barrier of 'sickness' through which no one can enter or leave, they must do their utmost to protect their loved ones, before it's too late...


Having had a real hard time with some of the Hammer Horror book adaptations its come almost as a relief to have a book that’s based on one of the films that I’m not that familiar with, yes I know the name and who starred (Anthony Higgins (or Corlan as he was then) as well as the lovely Adrienne Corri) but that was about it.

So targeting this title with a clean slate was a wonderful blessing. It worked very well, the characters jumped off the pages into my imagination and the authors writing style in my opinion complimented a screenplay very well allowing it to skip off the pages.

Back that up with a few modern touches, some wonderfully evocative visuals within and all in this for me is perhaps the best Hammer film to book adaptation to date. Great stuff.

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