Monday, 29 October 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: The Sentinel - Mark Oldfield

Release Date: 11/10/12


Madrid, winter 1953: the snow lies thick on the ground and Comandante Guzman of the Brigada Especial is preparing a dawn raid. His job is to hunt down opponents of Franco's regime and destroy them. Feared by all in Franco's Spain, Guzman takes what he wants: food, drink, women. That is about to change. Guzman is going to find himself on the wrong side of Franco, and on the wrong side of history. It's not the first time Guzman has been on the wrong side. But there's no one left alive who knows about that...until he gets a message from a dead man...Madrid, 2009: Ana Maria Galindez is a forensic scientist investigating a mass grave from the Franco era. Now she is hunting for the hidden ledger of secret policeman Leopoldo Guzman - a man who disappeared without trace in 1953. But there are those who would rather the secrets of Guzman's ledger stay buried. Galindez' pursuit of the past has revealed a battle for the present...


A new publisher and one that doesn’t believe in pulling punches with its first batch of releases and boy, am I glad for that. Here in this title by the author is a story that brings Spain to life for the reader, he brings the dark seedy underside into the light and when blended with the historical backdrop which the author adds in vivid technicolour really brings this story to the fore.

Add to this a cracking sense of pace, wonderful characterisation which when backed with a story that will keep you gripped from start to finish really makes this a very impressive title for me. I really hope that someone picks up the film rights to this as with all the twists and turns within backed up with the rich storytelling really makes this something that movie lovers will get a blast from.

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