Monday, 12 September 2011

FACTUAL REVIEW: Scottish Arms and Armour - Fergus Cannan

Release Date: 10/06/10


The Scottish warrior has throughout history been armed with some of the most famous and instantly recognisable weapons and armour ever produced. From the majestic Highland two-handed sword to the diminutive sgian dhu that tucks into the sock of every Scotsman in formal dress, and the distinctive leather shield known as the targe, these objects are redolent of great men and hard-fought battles – such men as Robert the Bruce,William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie and battles including Stirling Bridge, Bannockburn, Flodden and Culloden. Original examples of Scottish arms and armour are found in many of the world’s great museums and are eagerly sought by private collectors. An important aspect of national heritage and folklore, Scottish weapons and armour are icons of valour and pride for millions worldwide. This first in-depth survey of Scottish arms and armour is beautifully illustrated throughout with examples of the weaponry and armour that have defined a nation.


History is written by the victors and whilst in every war there are winners and those who survived one of the main things that changes over time is not only the construction but the variety of weaponry and ingenuity created by the Armourers of the time to overcome the foe.

What Fergus presents in this title is a book that is fascinating with clear illustrations backed up with wonderful photographs on a variety of tools utilised in most of the history of the Scots. It’s fascinating, it’s written in a friendly easy to comprehend style and when backed with an unbelievable depth of knowledge made this a title I really couldn’t put down. One area that I’m never sure these titles are marketed at is the writer of fantasy or historical fiction, it’s easy to use format as well as guide keeps this easy to follow and give the reader an unbelievable account of history from the sharp end. A real gem.

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