Wednesday, 7 September 2011

NEWS: Lady Eleanor

As many of you have noticed, whilst Lady Eleanor has been a reviewer for us for a little while, she’s recently let us know that she’s wanted to take a more proactive role in association with us. As such she now has her own TBR Pile which looks like this (which to be honest is not as bad as my own. LOL):

DIRGE, Roman – Taxidermied: The Art of Roman Dirge
HARAN, Maeve – The Painted Lady
KIMM, Gabrielle – The Courtesan’s Lover
MORRIS, Mark – Dead Island
PURDY, Elizabeth – Mary and Elizabeth
RUSSO, John – Undead: Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead

In addition to this, Lady Eleanor is a keen gamer who’s clocked up impressive levels on Oblivion, obliterated hordes of Locusts in Gears of War, slain her way across Europe in Assassins Creed and of course collected and played with the doll’s house in Sims (although to be fair she’s a dab hand with the firestorm. LOL) With plans to stomp her way across the stars in the Emperors name in the forthcoming Warhammer 40K: Space Marine from THQ. (I would have been playing it but she won’t let me near the console.)

Finally add to this Lady Eleanor is also a huge fan of Horror Films (as she started watching a lot of the Banned titles back in the early 80’s) and we feel that we’ve got a whole different perspective to add to the site. We hope that you’ll welcome her fully into the fold and have fun with her reviews. Likewise if you have a horror title that you’d like her to review (provided you meet the sites guidelines) please mail and let her know at the usual address.

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Angela Addams said...

Looking forward to more reviews from a new viewpoint!