Sunday, 25 September 2011

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Monster's Corner - Ed. Christopher Golden

Release Date: 27/09/11


In most stories we get the perspective of the hero, the ordinary, the everyman, but we are all the hero of our own tale, and so it must be true for legions of monsters, from Lucifer to Mordred, from child-thieving fairies to Frankenstein's monster and the Wicked Witch of the West. From our point of view, they may very well be horrible, terrifying monstrosities, but of course they won't see themselves in the same light, and their point of view is what concerns us in these tales. Demons and goblins, dark gods and aliens, creatures of myth and legend, lurkers in darkness and beasts in human clothing ...these are the subjects of THE MONSTER'S CORNER.


It’s probably no secret that I love short stories and when you get a batch of them told by well-known genre authors bound together through the theme of them being told from the “monsters” point of view, it made this a fun, interesting and different set of stories to the ones that you normally get (with my personal favourite being Kelley Armstrong’s Rakshasi.)

Add to this that whilst most are well known, you do get the chance to try some that you might not have dipped your toe in the water with before and it’s a great way to spend money and still have an excellent product at the end of the day with a chance to see if some of the others are for you. Finally throw into this the cover price and it’s a lot of boo for your buck. Great fun.

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