Sunday, 15 April 2012

CRIME REVIEW: Plugged - Eion Colfer

Release Date: 19/02/12


Dan, an Irishman who's ended up in New Jersey, finds himself embroiled in a world of murder, kidnapping and corrupt cops. Dan works as a bouncer in a seedy club, half in love with hostess Connie. When Connie is murdered on the premises, a vengeful Dan finds himself embroiled in an increasingly deadly sequence of events in which his doctor friend Zeb goes mysteriously missing, a cop-killing female cop becomes his only ally, and he makes an enemy of ruthless drug-dealer Mike Madden. Written with the warmth and wit that make the Artemis Fowl novels so irresistible, though with additional torture and violence, PLUGGED is a brilliant crime debut from a naturally gifted writer with a huge fanbase.


Whenever an established author tackled a new genre I tend to get a little antsy. Not because I don’t think that they can’t write in it but mainly I feel that their departure could ruin my enjoyment of the established series. Whilst this is different to the other books that Eion has written (it’s an adult crime story rather that Young Adult) I was a little worried that his style of humour as action wouldn’t translate too well to this genre but rather than suffer for it, he plays to his strengths.

Within this story is a wonderful way with words, a lead character who suffers from flashbacks and whilst at time it takes a poke at the crime genre, it’s a story that will entertain the reader as they make their way through the pages. All in this was a story that I had a hard time putting down and whilst a major departure, it was one that I was pleased that I took the time to read and I’ll look forward to future instalments to see exactly what Eion has planned next. Great stuff.

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