Sunday, 8 April 2012

NEWS: David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist Announced 2012

Hail Mighty Readers,
The David Gemmell Legend Award earlier announced thier shortlist for this years nominees. The list is as follows:

Legend Award
The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie
The Wise Mans Fear - Patrick Rothfuss
Blood of Aenarion - Willian King
Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson
Black Veil - Kristen Britain

Morningstar Award
Prince of Thorns - Mark Lawrence
Among Thieves - Douglas Hulick
The Unremembered - Peter ORulloan
The Heir of Night - Helen Lowe
Songs of the Earth - Elspeth Cooper

Ravenheart Award
Blood of Aenarion - Raymond Swanland
The Heroes - Didier Graffet and Dave Senior
Oracles Fire - Frank Victoria
Among Thieves - Larry Rostant
Journey By Night - Aaron Briggs

Voting will open shortly.

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