Sunday, 1 April 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Black Wings of Cthulhu - Ed. ST Joshi

Release Date: 23/03/12


In this title, the modern masters of Lovecraftian horror offer up to 21 brand-new, utterly horrifying tales taking their inspiration from stories by Lovecraft himself. Well-known writers such as Caitlin R. Kiernan, Brian Stableford, and Ramsey Campbell delve deep into the psyche to terrify and entertain. Editor S.T. Joshi has assembled a star-studded line-up essential for every horror library.


If you’re a fan of the horror genre then you’ll have at least heard the name of HP Lovecraft, even if you haven’t spent time dealing with ancient gods and dodging the ravings of Abdul Al Ashrad’s Necronomicon.

Here in this book is a selection of short stories from modern writers “acolytes” as they bring the terror and old world magic to work within your imagination as well as nightmares.

The book is wonderfully detailed with an author for all tastes and a selection of stories that will thrill, disgust and revile the reader in equal measure. It’s great fun, top value for money and all in a title worthy of having the Lovecraft name on the cover. Add to this that it’s a solid release and one that you can dip into when time allows which makes this an ideal gift for the horror aficionados in your life.

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