Friday, 13 April 2012

TV TIE IN TRAVEL BOOK: Extreme Frontiers - Charley Boorman

Release Date: 05/01/12


EXTREME FRONTIERS: CANADA is Charley Boorman's brand-new adventure/travel book. Travelling mainly on his much-loved bike, Charley will explore the world's second largest country - home to some of the most stunning and challenging terrain known to man. Along the way he will work with Alberta's famous 'Bear Whisperer'; travel with Native Canadians and learn more about their mythology and shamanic rituals; get involved in the world famous National Lumberjack competition; work with the Mounties search and rescue team and visit the world's smallest jail in Ontario. Along the way he will take a raft along the Nahanni river; cross Canada's only desert in Okanagan Valley; climb the Canadian Rockies and circumnavigate Newfoundland, taking an old steel sloop through the infamous Iceberg Alley, stopping to camp, hunt and cook with local foraged food. EXTREME FRONTIERS is vintage Boorman, packed with all the excitement, adventure - and bikes! - of his previous bestselling books.


For years I’ve been a big fan of stories of adventure so when I had a chance to read the new Charley Boorman book I couldn’t resist it. Especially when he was exploring Canada, a land I last “visited” with Billy Connolly which left me interested to see what he’d do differently so that I could see another side to this land.

All in, this book brought Charley’s personality shining through, the writing was personable, the people mentioned within brought to life and with his observations it made this a warm introduction to the land of ice and wilderness. Add to this wonderful anecdotes and for me this was an adventure that I not only shared but felt that I’d also lived.

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