Friday, 20 April 2012

STEAMPUNK WEEK: ART BOOK REVIEW: Velocity - Stephan Martiniere

Release Date: 27/01/12


"Velocity" is a stunning new visionary collection from the imagination of acclaimed illustrator Stephan Martiniere. The fantasy and SF artist has worked for numerous film studios, including Disney and Warner Bros., as well as video game companies. This book showcases his sci-fi book cover paintings, commercial and film art, video game designs, and other never before-seen artwork. This is an unmissable title.


Whilst authors have always sold their work with words, readers first introduction to a book is often the cover and if it doesn’t grab the reader enough, the author doesn’t really get a chance. That said, for years I’ve admired the way that Stephan’s work has beautifully brought the worlds to light with the wonderfully complex as well as demonstrative amalgamations that really bring the piece to life.

The lighting is always impeccable, the art work gripping and to get to read about his inspiration behind the pieces as well as seeing how he brings the whole piece together really adds another dimension alongside appreciation for his skills.

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