Saturday, 28 April 2012


Release Date: 19/01/12


Mazes, riddles, witchcraft ...and centuries-old secrets An Oxford classics scholar has discovered an ancient scroll. A band of black-magic worshippers has gathered in London. A map to three labyrinths hidden within Europe has been unfolded. And an ancient mystery is calling ...Pursued by spies and secret agents, guarding the map from unseen enemies, August Winthrop plunges headlong into a Europe ravaged by war. But the map will lead him farther than he ever dreamed - into a series of labyrinths with the power to change the world. From the Top 10 bestselling author of Sphinx comes the most dazzling novel of the year - a sophisticated, relentlessly exciting story in the tradition of Dan Brown, Robert Harris and Kate Mosse.


To be honest I was really looking forward to this book as I love a thriller mystery that takes you on a journey as well as giving you a huge pay off in a search for an item. Usually this is formulaic and follows similar ground to the Da Vinci Code but this one seemed to promise so much more in a well written blurb.

Sadly for me, this turned out to the same sort of thing as the Video’s back in the 80’s where the blurb was so much better than the book. The characters were clichéd, the plot convoluted and to be blunt here, there seemed to be so much packed in that a great number of threads escaped almost as if they were dumped or just there to increase the page count. Back that up with a confusing writing style and an ending that was left to the last few pages and all in it’s a disappointing read for me. A great shame as there was so much more that it could have been and I suspect that tighter editing and additional proof reading may have benefitted from editing out a great many of the problems.

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