Thursday, 21 May 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Collector - Nora Roberts

Release Date: 21/05/15
Publisher:  Piatkus


Lila Emerson is fascinated by other people's lives. As a house-sitter, she loves looking after the glamorous, sophisticated homes she could never afford herself. And as a writer, she enjoys watching the world go by, dreaming up stories for the people she sees from her window. But then one day she witnesses something only too real - the brutal and shocking murder of a young woman living across the street in New York. And now, because of what she saw, Lila's own life is in immediate danger from an audacious, single-minded assassin who kills for profit and for pleasure. With the police following a false lead, Lila is on her own. Her only hope is to team up with Ashton Archer, an artist with his own complicated reasons for getting involved. Lila wants to trust the passionate, quick-witted Ash - but is she letting her feelings blind her to his motives? Either way, Lila will never watch from the sidelines again...


I don’t know if currently I’m just in a funk but recently it feels that I’ve gone through so many titles that haven’t had maximum enjoyment from and left feeling a bit cheated and that’s the same for this, the latest book from Nora Roberts.

The problems that I had with this book included a lead character I couldn’t get on with, a plot that felt flat and something that I’ve seen time and again in other titles (but then again when the book has references to Rear Window you know that it’s a very well explored plot already.)

Back this up with prose that felt quite lack lustre and dialogue that felt flat rather than the usual reader friendly snappy type that she’s known for an all round I felt more than a little cheated.

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