Tuesday, 5 May 2015

LADY ELEANOR TOY REVIEW: Monster High: Amanita Nightshade - Mattel

Release Date: 09/01/15
Publisher:  Mattel


Once, every 1,300 years, the Corpse Flower blooms. Following mons-tradition, the bad seed of the Corpse Flower, Amanita Nightshade, will wake up too. Making every other flower in the garden look like a weed, she is sure to grow on the ghouls of Monster High. Her pretty dress creates quite a stink designed with her cultivated style and in her signature colours of green and purple. Garden-inspired skelements include ruffles, pleats and sheer fabric.

Flowers and leaves of poisonous plants decorate her flowing skirt and vibrant accessories that include jewellery, a hair-raising headpiece, scary sweet bag and to-die-for shoes that have creepy cool climbing vines for heels. And the fingerless gloves really grow on you. A model/fashion designer, Amanita Nightshade, comes with her modelling portfolio (with signed headshot) and a diary with extra-gory details about her unique un-life. Able to turn photosynthesis into photo-genius, girls will love adding this character to their Monster High collection for monster play and display. Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories, portfolio/headshot and diary. Colours and decorations may vary. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages six and older.


Whilst a lot of people tend to think of Dolls as something for young girls to play with, Lady Eleanor has always been a lady who loves the different, something that breaks from the mould and celebrates the differences for children of all ages. So when Monster High burst onto the scene a few years ago, she was right at the forefront of the queue as she’d seen and fallen in love with the original Draculaura, a Vampire Vegetarian whose dress sense alongside sense of fun seemed to echo her own outlook on life.

Since picking up her first doll she’s gone on to collect quite a few with each having something that just jumps out at her whether its their sense of fun, their hair or even something as simple as stunning shoes. Each doll has something different for her and whilst she just won’t add any doll to her collection, each one is unique for her and can always put a smile on her face as she shares her collection with visitors.

Her latest addition is the wonderfully dark and totally planterrific Amanita Nightshade who has a lot to offer everyone who see’s her and as such I’ll let Lady Eleanor take you through what makes this gore-gous doll so must have.

Amanita Nightshade is a special type of doll, she has an absolutely terrific look with her purple and blue hair accompanied with her black flower hairpiece and glittering ebony earrings. They stand out straight away and when added to her purple and blue eyes (with a surrounding of leaves due to her plant heritage) really allows her to facially stand out from any other doll.

Throw into the mix a dress of purple and black tulle that highlights her green skin as well as heels that accentuate the flowing, growing feel as the “vines” climb her legs, for me makes her something entirely special. Finally add to this packaging that differs from the original box feel to a clear plastic that allows the doll to stand equally beautifully either on her own or still wrapped makes this a definite must have.

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