Thursday, 28 May 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Dave Vs the Monsters: Emergence - John Birmingham

Release Date: 28/04/15
Publisher:  Titan


When an oil rig off the Gulf of Mexico digs too deep, a torrent of nightmares is unleashed - the creatures of legend, always thought to be figments of our imagination, are now a very real threat to the survival of humankind. Safety worker Dave Hooper has the hangover from hell, and the last thing he needs is an explosion on his oil rig. But this is no accident, and despite the news reports, terrorists aren't to blame for the carnage. The rig is swarming with monsters. As he fights to save his co-workers from the ravenous demon horde while holding down last night's tequila, Dave is suddenly transformed from a foul-mouthed, overweight, booze-soaked slacker into something else entirely. An honest-to-goddamn monster slayer.


Ah, a new type of Urban Fantasy where the weird and wonderful creatures from the dark re-emerge into the light to face mankinds hero, oil rig worker Dave. OK so its not your normal UF but when you have an author that brings a realistic hero to the fore and gives him a weapon of legend (or perhaps soon to be) readers are taken to another world as events unfurl and the current timeline changes.

Its definitely dark, has some light moments within but it’s the humanity of our hero that really strikes a chord with readers. Add to this solid prose as well as a solid supporting cast all round generates a tale that is going to be a solid start to what I feel will be a great series.

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