Saturday, 30 May 2015

FANTASY REVIEW: Destiny Quest: The Eye of Winter's Fury - Michael J Ward

Release Date: 09/04/15
Publisher:  Gollancz


The cold north awaits you ...War is coming to Valeron. From the west, the blood-thirsty Wiccans burn and pillage their way towards the capital - where an ill and ineffectual king is beset on all sides by the scheming of ambitious men. His youngest son, Prince Arran, untested in combat and naive to ways of the world, is sent on a fool's errand - to convince a cowardly lord to honour his oath and defend the realm from its enemies. But the real threat is yet to be revealed ...You are Prince Arran, son of Leonidas and second heir to the throne of Valeron. They call you the ghost prince - the sickly boy who haunts the palace library, filling your head with dreams of high adventure. Now, as the shadows lengthen and danger threatens your beleaguered kingdom, you must finally prove yourself. It is time to take up your hallowed sword, Duran's Heart, and forge your own destiny in a cruel and savage world - one that has no mercy for weakling princes. No happy endings. Will you defy fate and become a great hero of legend? You decide in this epic fantasy adventure - one where you make the decisions. The cold north awaits you ...are you ready for the challenge?


As a huge fan of the fighting fantasy books from yesteryear, it was a joy to be able to try the latest type of books in this genre and to be honest Destiny Quest has been one that has not only fulfilled the gap left by these old favs but usually more than exceeded what I had come to expect.

Here in the latest offering from Michael Ward, I have to say that this one felt a little flat compared to a lot of the other ones that have gone before. The story felt not quite on the same level as the others and when added to a set of choices that feel a little bit simpler to follow all round left me feeling a little cheated. Sadly this one has not been for me, although with the fun with the other books in the series then I’ll be returning with the next outing.

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