Saturday, 23 May 2015

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Shield of Kuromori - Jason Rohan

Release Date: 07/05/15
Publisher:  Egmont


Science meets Myth when ogres armed with high-tech weaponry steal a huge telescope as part of an insane plan to cast the world into permanent darkness. With global catastrophe looming, Kenny and Kiyomi take the fight to the enemy, even if it means going out of this world. But all is not well between the friends. Kiyomi's behaviour is growing increasingly erratic and it soon becomes clear that her life - and her humanity - are in danger. Kenny is faced with an impossible choice - does he save his friend or fulfil his duty?


I llike to spend my time reading and whilst I’ve always had a love of reading trying to find books that will appeal to young readers, so I can, at times, be found reading some YA titles so that I can pass the torch on. Whilst this is Jason’s second novel, I found it quite easy to get into, I loved the way that the two principle characters give each other strength and whilst you’d think that it was primarily a book for boys, there’s enough here to appeal to the female market as well.

All round a good bit of fun and a title that I was pleased that I took the time to read. Add solid adventure into the mix and solid dialogue and there’s plenty here to hook your young reader in a big way.

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