Friday, 29 May 2015

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Traitor - Jonathan Holt

Release Date: 07/05/15
Publisher:  Head of Zeus



UN covert negotiator Yael Azoulay went rogue in Geneva and nearly lost her life. Her physical wounds are healed, but she will never be able to forget what happened.

Now back in New York, Yael uncovers a chilling conspiracy whose end game is a devastating new war in the Middle East. But as Yael draws closer to the truth, she is forced to confront the ghosts of her past.

As the few certainties of her life begin to crumble around her, a terrifying truth is laid bare: Yael has enormously powerful enemies who neither forgive, nor forget.


The third book in Jonathan’s Carnivia trilogy and one thing I really tend to love is getting a whole tale in one book without the worry of forgetting what’s gone before. I love a good crime mystery and when you throw the mucky side of dark political machinations into the mix to muddy the waters you know that there’s going to be plenty of twists and turns.

Back this up with a murder story that has plenty to keep you guessing, an author who loves to play tircks upon the reader with a good amount of sleight of hand and all round it was a tale that I loved to not only spend time with but one that kept me thinking long after the final page was turned.

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