Wednesday, 3 June 2015

FANTASY REVIEW: The Grim Company: Sword of the North - Luke Scull

Release Date: 12/03/15
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


It is the Age of Ruin, a time in desperate need of heroes. But heroes are in short supply. The only candidates - a motley company at best - are scattered to the four winds.

Former rebel Sasha has now become an unwilling envoy between the powerful. Eremul the Halfmage languishes in disgrace, his warnings of approaching war falling on deaf ears. Yllandris, sorceress of the High Fangs, servant to a demon lord, has become that which she most despises. Davarus Cole, assassin of the immortal, lies on the brink of death. The legendary champion Brodar Kayne carves a bloody path towards his enemy of old in search of the woman he thought dead...

In this, the second blistering instalment of Luke Scull's critically acclaimed trilogy THE GRIM COMPANY, past and present collide, plunging the Age of Ruin further into darkness...


The second Grim Company title and one that brings more bloodshed, death and of course high octane action to the fantasy reader as our hero’s march on. As with the previous it’s a title that gives the reader a huge cast, some solid twists and of course a fair few twists and turns that many won’t see coming.

Back this up with good prose, dialogue that just trips off the page as well as an addictive pace and all round the reader will be more than happy with this book. Definitely something in the vein of Barclay’s Raven series and one that will more than strike a chord with Cook’s Black Company fans.

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