Wednesday, 17 June 2015

YOUNG READER PUZZLE BOOK: Horris Henry's Big Bad Puzzle Book - Francesca Simon and Illustrated by Tony Ross

Release Date: 07/05/15
Publisher:  Orion Children


This new edition of a classic Horrid Henry puzzle book contains 64 pages of fun - a perfect purchase for the summer holidays. There are holiday howlers to tell, secret messages to crack, crosswords, mazes, wordsearches and spot the differences to solve - all with a uniquely Horrid twist! There's something for every Horrid Henry fan.

Are you as clever and tricky as your hero Henry? Find out this holiday - we guarantee you'll never be bored again!


There are times when you want to occupy a young mind and would rather give them something to do rather than having them get all their toys out on the floor. Rainy days are a prime example and lets be honest some summers are just so wet that you sadly don’t get to do half the days out you wanted let alone give yourself a break from home which can lead to boredom for your young active minds.

Horrid Henry is a firm children’s favourite not only through his various misadventures on the TV but also through his books that have entertained a generation. Here within this book you get an absolute ton of puzzles that will bamboozle, please and of course get them to think. All round a good bit of fun and one that if you photocopy the puzzles beforehand will last you quite a while.

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