Wednesday, 10 June 2015

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Empire VIII: Thunder of the Gods - Anthony Riches

Release Date: 02/04/15
Publisher:  Hodder


The eighth book in the Empire sequence takes Centurion Marcus Aquila and his Tungrian legion on a dangerous mission to the heart of the Parthian empire

With Rome no longer safe Marcus and the Tungrians are ordered east, to the desolate border lands where Rome and Parthia have vied for supremacy for centuries.

Ordered to relieve the siege of an isolated fortress, their task is doomed to bloody failure unless they can turn the disaffected Third Legion into a fighting force capable of resisting the terrifying Parthian cataphracts.

And Marcus must travel to the enemy capital Ctesiphon on a desperate mission, the only man who can persuade the King of Kings to halt a war that threatens the humiliation of the empire and the slaughter of his friends.


Anthony is an author that for me is a must have. I love the way his characters come to life, the way that he manages to weld beautiful storytelling with cracking top notch action and then blends it all with prose that just stand out from anything else.

Back this up with dialogue that furthers the reality of the characters alongside an overall arc that keeps giving as the principle character not only room to emotionally grow but also furthers his own goals for vengeance and all round you know that you’re in for a real treat. I just can’t give enough praise for this author.

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