Friday, 12 June 2015

URBAN FANTASY SHORT STORY COMPENDIUM REVIEW: Dark Detectives - Edited by Stephen Jones

Release Date: 20/03/15
Publisher:  Titan


CRIMES OF TERROR AND DARKNESS! In the battle between good and evil, the supernatural investigators form the first line of defense against the unexplainable. Here are eighteen pulse-pounding tales featuring uncanny sleuths battling against the weird, written by Clive Barker R. Chetwynd-Hayes Basil Copper Neil Gaiman William Hope Hodgson Brian Lumley Brian Mooney Kim Newman Jay Russell Peter Tremayne Manly Wade Wellman Featuring the entire Seven Stars saga by Kim Newman, pitting the Diogenes Club against an occult object with the power to ultimately annihilate mankind!


A compendium of dark Urban Fantasy that really gives the reader not only the goosebumps but a deliciously dark selection that allows readers to try authors that they may not have had the money to before. It’s a very well put together title with tales for all tastes and when you add some cracking editing alongside a plethora of top notch authors all round gave me a book that I loved to spend time with.

Back this up with the option of having a book that will give you a great way to spend lunch breaks or even journey time with and all round it’s the type of book that may just save your sanity from the real world.

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