Saturday, 20 June 2015

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Dave Vs The Monsters 2: Resistance - John Birmingham

Release Date: 25/05/15
Publisher: Titan


When a dragon brings down the Vice President's plane and fresh demons emerge across the United States, monster slayer Dave Hooper realises that the Battle of New Orleans was just the beginning. Holed up in a swanky Las Vegas hotel, Dave is enjoying the perks of his newfound celebrity. But deep in the UnderRealms, the monsters are regrouping, and it isn't long before Dave and his splitting maul are hauled into action once more. While his agent fields offers for movies and merchandise, Dave is tasked with ending a demon siege in Omaha, protecting the skies from a dragon horde and deciphering the UnderRealms plans to take over the earth. As an ancient and legion evil threatens to destroy mankind, Dave may not be the hero humanity deserves, but he's the only one we've got.


The second title in the series and one that continues to build on the war from the original where the UnderRealm have been defeated by Earth’s Hero Dave. Its definitely quirky and for me the original was a fun read yet instead of expanding the universe in this second outing, the title seemed bent on destroying the principle character into a totally deplorable and thoroughly dislikable guy rather than the hero who we had in the original who had to face the changes on the run.

It’s a bit of an upset for me and whilst I will read the final outing, currently I don’t care whether the UnderRealm enslaves Dave and mankind as opposed to routing for them like I should be. All round I was disappointed with this outing and for me, this title let me down as a reader. A huge shame.

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