Monday, 1 June 2015

SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY REVIEW: Wolfhoud Century 3: Radiant State - Peter Higgins

Release Date: 19/05/15
Publisher:  Gollancz


With his loving evocation of a dark and fantastical realm that owes much to the myth and history of 20th-century Russia, and his rare ability to combine poetic writing and kinetic plotting, Peter Higgins has created one of the most original and critically lauded works of recent years. Adored by critics and authors such as Hannu Rajaniemi, Ian McDonald and Richard Morgan the Wolfhound Century novels now reach their extraordinary conclusion.

In RADIANT STATE we discover both the glory and the true horror of Joseph Kantor's plan for the Vast and its people. It is a plan that transcends the boundaries of the world. And out in the depths of the endless forest that borders the Vast the mighty fallen angel and the powers of the earth itself will still have a part to play. Will Vissarion and Maroussia survive the violence of the end game?


As a reader who spends a lot of time hopping from one world to another, there is something delightfully delicious when you find a series that is so complex that its nigh impossible to describe to others without giving too much away. I love the way that you’re driven into this rich tapestry of a series and when the author knows how to twist and turn the world to suit the agenda’s of the characters alongside those in power, you know damn well that what you expect is probably the last thing that’s going to happen.

All round this series has been one that has been worth all the time and effort I’ve put into it as I’ve gotten so much from the authors writing. The prose is crisp, the characters pretty outstanding and when you add the machinations and double dealing into the fray alongside a writing style that just draws you in deeper, all round made this something that outstanding. Great work.

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